Music video week!

It's like playing jams, but for your eyes. See us in the newest from Ducktails and Darlings!
June 29, 2013

Ahoy, the world wide web!

I was glued to my laptop screen this week in the best way possible. The internet was blowing up with Wendy Davis and DOMA (both very inspiring), and not to be outdone, our little site STET was also born into the blogosphere! We went privately live on June 23, 2013 (which is also our dear friend Olivia’s birthday – yay!) and then we began slowly telling our friends in the days following. I feel like we just gave birth to a web baby.

And in addition to ALL of that, there were also TWO new music video premieres that you ought to check out! The first one features yours truly in a dream sequence in “Under Cover” by Ducktails, which is off my homie Matt Mondanile’s latest release The Flower Lane.

And the second music video features Maura and her band Darlings in “Extras Talk to Extras,” a really catchy diddy (and one of my personal favorite tunes) off their album Perfect Trip.

A fantastic end to a great week! See you dudes later.