Jack Handey’s debut novel!

It's called The Stench of Honolulu and it's like "Deep Thoughts" in book-form!
July 18, 2013

Holy shit, this is exciting! Who doesn’t love Jack Handey, writer behind the famous SNL bits “Deep Thoughts” and “Fuzzy Memories?” I’m gonna go ahead and assume that anyone who has any remote interest in humor writing or comedy has had some intense connection to Jack Handey’s work. I also think of Handey as a straight-up O.G. in “Twitter”-inspired comedy — it’s all straight to the jokes in very few words. No twisted and sick joke unturned.

The four “Deep Thoughts” books hogged bookstore checkout counters for much of the 1990s and sold, in total, about a million copies. Now he has written a novel, his first, titled “The Stench of Honolulu,” available this month. The narrator is a narcissistic borderline sociopath, and the novel’s fictional Honolulu is a smelly hellhole full of ooga-booga natives right out of a 1930s cartoon. 

— “Jack Handey Is the Envy of Every Comedy Writer in America” via NYTimes

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