Man, I love a good Sandler flick

Movie adaptations! The Rumpus fiction submissions! And the Tumblr Writers No One Reads (aww).
September 10, 2013

News round-up for the week ending September 8, 2013:

Calling all fiction writers: We love The Rumpus! Check out their Submission Guidelines and best of luck!


Chad Kultgen’s Men, Women, and Children starring… Adam Sandler! (HAHA)
“The book focuses on a family with junior high school students and deals with the navigation of sexual awakenings in a digital age where the Internet has made pornography, blogs and social networking just a few clicks away.” (via Deadline)

Martin Amis’ London Fields with Amber Heard, Billy Bob Thorton, and Jim Sturgess.
“Heard plays the ultimate eternal sexual femme fatale, possessed of unusual beauty and hypnotic magnetism. Mysterious and clairvoyant, she sets a plan in motion to fulfill the prophecy of her own murder.” (also via Deadline)


Writers No One Reads
Highlighting forgotten, neglected, abandoned, forsaken, unrecognized, unacknowledged, overshadowed, out-of-fashion, under-translated writers. Has no one read your books? You are in good company.