It Gets Better
Alida Nugent, aka The Frenemy, now in book form!
Don't Worry It Get's Worse

The internet, the newspapers, the magazines—they can’t stop talking about the Millennials, and the Millennials, well, we can’t stop talking about ourselves also. Granted, there’s a lot to say. It’s one thing to be angry and frustrated and helpless (all said before) but author Alida Nugent shows that the decade that is our 20s is a long-term, tumultuous relationship that is worth fighting for. Based on her popular blog The Frenemy, Nugent shares all new content with her readers, both new and returning, about what it’s like in her street-walking shoes as a young writer trying to make it in this unforgiving place that is New York City.

Candid thoughts on growing up suburban, graduating with a writing degree, finding solace in drinking, the adventures of (not) finding a job, choosing your online dates wisely, working in the hell that is retail to make ends meet… no stone is unturned in Don’t Worry, It Gets Worse. This book is not only a journey through the landmine that is the post-graduate world but it is also Nugent’s love letter to NYC, a city that brings her much joy even with all of the challenges and growing pains. For any aspiring writer who lives in this god-forsaken city, it’s certainly a paperback (!) worth picking up for inspiration.

Alida Nugent should be proud of herself but she also keeps herself in check. With the celebrated publishing of Don’t Worry it is clear that Nugent has technically “made it” as a legit writer but she still reminds us it’s an upward battle. If she has this much to say in her young literary career so far, I can’t wait to hear what she has to say about her 30s, which is still a good hot minute away. Luckily until then, we can continue to follow her via The Frenemy as she navigates through the rest of her mid-to-late 20s which she has seen nothing yet. Good luck, girl!