Filmmaker Bunny Kinney Made His Own Pasta (And It Was Easy)

Q(uar) & A is a series of interviews with some of our favorite storytellers and creators about how they’re living while in lockdown.

Bunny Kinney is a Canada-born, UK-based filmmaker and creative director, among other things. 

Where are you currently sheltering in place?

I’m by the sea in Southeastern England, in a place called Hastings where I have a house.

What does your face mask look like? 

I actually don’t have one — I don’t leave the house much! And I’m in a very quiet little town. But I just ordered some Snoopy ones for when I return to civilization. But here’s a pic of me in a medical grade mask when I went to Hong Kong in Feb.

Do you follow any kind of routine at this moment? 

I am working from home every day still, so I wake up, do some journaling, some reading and a few pages in my Chinese workbook (which I’ve been studying for a while), and then I work all day on various days ongoing projects and running the day-to-day on Nowness, the video platform I oversee which is part of Dazed.

In the evenings I relax after dinner and read/watch/listen to stuff. I’m trying to spend as much time as possible writing and developing ideas and new work. It’s not always easy in spite of the circumstances!

What are some pieces of entertainment that you have consumed and loved during this time?

I’ve just read On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous and the Sioned Davies translation of The Mabinogion.

On TV: Normal People, Tiger King, Hollywood. Trying to rewatch all of the original Brideshead miniseries.

Podcast: I love Word of Mouth on BBC and now I’m listening to Catch and Kill and started listening to the Allusionist and the History of the English Language. I’ve been working my way through Philosophise. This for the past six months. 

Online, I feel like I finally discovered YouTube and I’m loving it. I watched all of the web series Charity Shop Sue in one sitting and I am watching a lot linguistics and language stuff, especially this guy Jesse Appell who is an American based in China and he does standup in Mandarin Chinese. It really helps me as I try to get more proficient. And I found this college student who speaks Old English and I’ve been watching a lot of his videos.

Are you working on anything during this time? And if you’re having trouble “creating” things at the moment, how are you dealing, if at all?

I am working on a feature film! It predates lockdown. Some days are more productive than others. Writing in my journal always helps me and not eating too much at lunch. I avoid Instagram too.

Have you taken up any new hobbies? 

Learning Welsh and learning the piano!

What’s the best meal you’ve eaten so far during quar?

I made my own pasta! It was amazing and not that hard.

What’s your current iPhone wallpaper and what’s the story behind it?

It’s been the same for three years but it’s Danny Devito as the Penguin. I never ever want to change it. Strangely adorable.

What’s the best quar purchase you’ve made so far?

I bought some floral pyjamas from Liberty!

Who are the writers, storytellers, or makers who are bringing you great joy right now?

Ocean Vuong! Charity Shop Sue. Benny Drama! I’ve been listening to a lot of Aldous Harding while I work.

Any unexpectedly memorable moments of quar so far?

A lot of beautiful walks and time to reflect.

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